Ticket Prices

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Ticket Prices

Become a Legend, Student or Senior Circle Members to avail of cheaper tickets and free online booking everytime you visit Light House Cinema.

Before 5pm                                                                        

Adult:                      €9.50

Legend Member       €8.50                            

Student                   €7.00

Student Member      €6.50

Senior                     €7.00     

Senior Member        €6.50                            


After 5pm

Adult                        €11.00       

Legend Member        €10.00

Student                    €8.50       

Student Member       €8.00

Senior                      €8.50        

Senior Member         €8.00


Tickets costs may vary for special events, live event cinema screenings, season or festival tickets.

3D TICKET PRICES €1 extra.

Online booking 50c per ticket (up to a maximum of €1 per transaction). Members get free online booking!

Phone booking €2 per transaction.

Concession pricing is available to under-18s, college students with a valid ID and Senior Citizens.

Adult tickets for Parent and Baby screenings are €7.50, Members pay €6.50. Babies go free!