GAZE Shorts: The Night Belongs to Lovers

GAZE Shorts: The Night Belongs to Lovers

  • Release Date: Fri 01 Jan 2021
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Denied the night for as long as we have, this atmospheric and electric selection of shorts contains all the thrills, delights and dangers that come once night falls.

Programmed by: Seán McGovern, Alice Linehan and James Hudson.

Mother / dirs. Jas Pitt, Kate Stonehill / UK / 2019. 21’

Filmed during the first year of the Bolsonaro presidency, one vogue family bands closer together. Queer resistence on the ballroom floor.

Girls Shouldn’t Walk Alone at Night / dir. Katerine Martineau / Canada / 2020. 17’

On the night of their graduation party, Chantal and Delphine discover just what possibilities exist under the moonlight.

Liminal / dir. Dan Abramovici / Canada / 2020. 12’

An unfaithful husband lives two lives concurrently, with different expressions of love and sexuality. He’s certainly doing damage, but who will receive the most?

Eden / dir. Sven Spur / Belgium / 2020.16’

In an unnamed city, a young man experiences gay pleasures, bathed in light and magic. An erotic exploration of the night.

Dustin / dir. Naïla Guiguet / France / 2020. 20’

For Dustin and their crew, as the night ends, the daylight asks questions. Love life and tenderness at 145bpm.

Young Diego / dirs. Osama Chami,Enrique Gimeno Pedrós / Spain / 2021. 7’

Is Diego ready to give himself over for the first time? Striking and atmospheric visual encounter.

Cartagena Boy / dirs. Jose Andre Sibaja, Ibai Vigil-Escalera / USA / 2021. 17’

Young Venezuelan men, displaced in Colombia, give varying perspectives on just what it is they do.