GAZE Shorts: Queer Eire - New Irish Shorts

GAZE Shorts: Queer Eire - New Irish Shorts

  • Release Date: Fri 01 Jan 2021
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Presenting the best of new Irish LGBTQ+ cinema. Local heroes, irrational fears, complex family dynamics and the cure for a deadly illness: we promise most of these are works of fiction! Programmed by: Seán McGovern.

Sparking / dir. Beta Bajgart / Ireland / 2021. 6’

Delightful doc centred on advocate and activist Dil Wickremasinghe, that will make your heart sparkle and tingle.

Pogonophobia / dir. Thomas Ryan / Ireland / 2020. 15’

Cyril just can’t stand any facial fur. But is his distaste a phobia or a prejudice?

Measuring Stick / dir. Rachel Walshe / Ireland / 2021. 4’

You can’t measure your self-worth in six, seven or even eight inch increments, as one young woman is about to find out.

Hidden Collision / dir.Emma Zukovic / Ireland / 2021. 12’

3 artists, 3 different mediums and nary shall any of them meet. A delicate doc about creativity.

DO I KNOW YOU? / dir. Rioghnach Ni Ghrioghair / Ireland / 2021. 13’

What happens when the plumber looks an awful lot like your daughter? And what happens when you find out he’s not the plumber?

Boxed In / dirs. Caleb Roberts, Peter Young / Ireland / 2021. 10’

Young AJ doesn’t want to find himself in a corner, especially when it comes to his big brother Niall in this affecting family tale.

RYDER: Queen of F**king Everything / dir. Nishaant Singh Bhinder / Ireland / 2021. 8’

Friend, son, lover - and of course - drag impresario. Allow us a moment to get real with Paul Ryder.

The Cure / dir. Gordon Hickey / Ireland / 2021. 14’

A modern gay hero leads this action-packed short with all the thrills you can manage in under 15 minutes.