GAZE: Beyto

GAZE: Beyto

Gitta Gsell

  • Director: Gitta Gsell
    Starring: Burak Ates, Dimitri Stapfer, Ecem Aydin
    Release Date: Wed 01 Jan 2020
  • Club
  • 98


In Swiss-German and Turkish, with English subtitles.

A love story across the divide but not in the way you might expect, Beyto follows our eponymous protagonist, a young first-generation Turkish man living in Switzerland with his tightly-knit family, whose traditions are close to their heart. When handsome Beyto falls for his sexy and confident swimming buddy, Mike, his parents sense that the only way to set him on the right path is through marriage. But Seer, Beyto’s young bride-to-be in Turkey, is not quite prepared to compromise her own dreams by simply being someone’s wife.

Within minutes, and through one particularly sexy gesture, Beyto and Mike know the attraction between them, making Beyto a refreshing take on a familiar gay subgenre. At its centre, Beyto is the story of three people trying to live truthfully, connected to tradition but not bound by it. Fighting for the freedom to live their authentic lives, neither Beyto, Mike nor Seer will accept just anything less than who, and what, they all deserve.