Night of the Kings

Night of the Kings

Philippe Lacôte

  • Director: Philippe Lacôte
    Starring: Bakary Koné, Steve Tientcheu, Jean Cyrille Digbeu
    Release Date: Fri 23 Jul 2021
  • 15A
  • 93


Spectacular, thrilling and absolutely unique, Night of the Kings is both an exhilarating tale of survival in one of the world’s most dangerous prisons and a beautiful ode to the power of storytelling.

When a young man is sent to an infamous prison, located in the middle of the Ivorian forest and ruled by its inmates, he is chosen to take part in a storytelling ritual just as a violent battle for control bubbles to the surface. After discovering the grim fate that awaits him at the end of the night, Roman begins to narrate the mystical life of a legendary outlaw to make his story last until dawn and give himself any chance of survival.

French language with English subtitles.