I Never Cry

I Never Cry

Piotr Doalewski

  • Director: Piotr Doalewski
    Starring: Zofia Stafiej, Kinga Preis, Cosmina Stratan, Shane Casey, Arkadiusz Jakubik, Nigel O’Neill, David Pearse, Dawid Tulej
    Release Date: Fri 23 Jul 2021
  • UC
  • 96


When Ola’s father dies on a building site in Ireland, she must travel there to bring his remains back to Poland. Having a complicated relationship with her father and resenting him for not being there for his family, his presence in recent years had been limited to sending regular paychecks.

Money is the only thing that connected him to Ola, with the promise to buy a car for her eighteenth birthday. Dealing with foreign bureaucracy and her father’s acquaintances in her own street-smart way, Ola learns her biggest dream wasn’t a car, but getting to know who her father really was.