Bill & Ted’s Double Bill

Bill & Ted’s Double Bill

  • Starring: Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter
    Release Date: Fri 25 Aug 1989
  • PG
  • 183


“Be excellent to each other”

The notion that two high school misfits would one day become the saviours of modern society, but only if they manage to pass their history class, might seem far-fetched but who wouldn’t want the wisdom of Bill and Ted to create the utopian society of the future.

Bill and Ted are best friends who care little for school and more about their rock band Wyld Stallyns. But when they are faced with Ted being sent to military school, they get some help from a fan from the future to ensure their success as the greatest rock stars, philosophers and world leaders of all time.

We’ll be screening both Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey and both back to back as a most triumphant double bill on June 23rd.


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