I, Dolours

I, Dolours

Maurice Sweeney

  • Director: Maurice Sweeney
    Starring: Lauren Beale, Gail Brady, Lauren Carr
    Release Date: Fri 31 Aug 2018
  • 15A
  • 82


I, Dolours presents one woman’s story of life and death in the IRA, for whom the Good Friday Agreement brought no peace of mind. A member of a crack, secret IRA unit run by Gerry Adams, Dolours Price led the first team to bomb the centre of London in 1973. Before this, she was a central figure in one of the most notorious and controversial IRA operations of The Troubles: the murder and dumping into unmarked graves of people whose violent deaths the IRA wished to keep secret – the so-called ‘disappeared’.

This documentary, based on lengthy interviews with Dolours Price and extensive reconstructions, tells the anguished story of one of the few women who rose to the top of the IRA only to be haunted by memories of what she had done to get there and the realisation that it had all been for naught. Long-held secrets are shared in this shocking story of radicalisation.