The Room

The Room

Tommy Wiseau

  • Director: Tommy Wiseau
    Starring: Tommy Wiseau, Greg Sestero, Juliette Danielle
    Release Date: Fri 17 Dec 2004
  • 18
  • 99


Oh hi. After a solid two years of trying we are finally, finally bringing you The Room on the big screen. And we are EXCITED!

As this is the first time Tommy Wiseau’s The Room has been officially screened in an Irish cinema, we are going all out for the “Irish Cinema Premiere” of the best worst movie of all time. We expect nothing but the best from our audience members too! Costumes encouraged - tuxes, giant black blazers, shades, lots of ravishing black locks, slinky red dresses and anything else you feel like adorning yourselves with to honour one of the ultimate cult films of all time.

There’ll be fun in the bar from 9pm – along with themed cocktails and all the Scotchkas you could dream of to get you ready for the craziest craic you’ve ever had in a cinema.

The screening will kick off at 11pm with a pre-show and intro hosted by Anthony and Fionn who have been bringing The Room to Dublin audiences for nearly a decade.