Wonder Years - Films To Grow Up With

Dates: 13th June - 13th September 2019

Growing up is hard. We are asked by society, by our families and by our bodies to deal with more than we have the skills to and it's a time of huge confusion and chaos.
Cinema has deftly handled this period of our lives over the years, helping us to find kinship in other people's feelings of otherness, finding hope in other people's struggles and of course, finding joy in other people's hormone-driven disasters.
These are the films we grew up with, the films that helped us to grow.
This summer, Light House Dublin and Pálás Galway will revisit some of our (and hopefully your) favourite coming-of-age films. Whether you'd like to revisit your youth bathed in gorgeous cinematic nostalgia or bring your young ones to experience something that helped you on your journey to adulthood, there's a varied programme of films, from child-friendly matinees to a programme of late-night classics for adults only, and a Harry Potter sleepover featuring all eight films back to back, with a very magical Hogwarts themed menu to keep you going throughout the night.

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Wonder Years: Pan's Labyrinth

(From 24th August 2019)

Wonder Years: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

(From 25th August 2019)

Cinema Book Club: Empire Of The Sun

(From 26th August 2019)

Wonder Years: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

(From 27th August 2019)

Wonder Years: Sing Street

(From 28th August 2019)

Wonder Years: Lady Bird

(From 29th August 2019)

Wonder Years: Boyhood

(From 31st August 2019)

Wonder Years: Ghost World

(From 31st August 2019)

It: Chapter One

(From 5th September 2019)