Dear Constant Reader: Stephen King Season

Dates: 13th October - 18th November 2017

For five decades, Stephen King has been the untouchable master of horror fiction and his books have been revered by millions all around the world. The works of Stephen King carry in them an intelligent soul and an empathetic heart that draws a reader in like a hug, only to tear their hearts apart when inevitably, things turn gravely wrong.

In his introductions, Stephen King traditionally addresses his legions of fans as “Constant Reader”, folks he considers to be accustomed to his work and the style of his writing. His introductions are eloquent, thoughtful and friendly – as if addressing a group of friends eager to know more. 

Throughout October and November we are celebrating the stories of Stephen King in a season entitled Dear Constant Reader, featuring a selection of some of the adaptations of his work throughout the years. 
So join us, Constant Reader, as we spend the Halloween season in the company of some of the greatest pieces of cinema of all time, all from the mind of Stephen King.
Charlene Lydon, Programmer

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(From 13th October 2017)

Hollywood Babylon: The Mist Black & White

(From 14th October 2017)

Salem's Lot 35mm

(From 19th October 2017)

Pet Sematary

(From 21st October 2017)


(From 28th October 2017)

Cinema Book Club: Carrie

(From 30th October 2017)

The Shining

(From 31st October 2017)


(From 3rd November 2017)

The Green Mile

(From 5th November 2017)

The Shawshank Redemption

(From 7th November 2017)

Stand By Me

(From 15th November 2017)