Dates: 2nd June - 30th August 2017

For the third year running, we’re pleased to bring you (and your little ones) Films You’d Love Your Kids To See, a selection of classic family films back on the big screen for the whole summer.


From a day-long Back To The Future marathon to classic weepie My Girl and even something for grown-ups with a late-night Batman Forever screening and 90s party, we’ve got you and the whole gang covered for July and August.


Join us for pirates, aliens, time travel, princesses, magic carpets, munchkins and so much more all summer long!

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Jurassic Park

(From 29th July 2017)

My Girl

(From 30th July 2017)

Cinema Book Club: Matilda

(From 31st July 2017)


(From 4th August 2017)

Addams Family Values

(From 5th August 2017)

The Addams Family

(From 5th August 2017)

Batman Forever

(From 8th August 2017)

Back to the Future

(From 12th August 2017)

Back to the Future Part III

(From 12th August 2017)

Back to the Future Part II

(From 12th August 2017)

Batman Forever 90’s Knight

(From 19th August 2017)

The Wizard of Oz

(From 25th August 2017)

Cinema Book Club: Mary Poppins

(From 28th August 2017)