Hollywood Babylon

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Hollywood Babylon

Hollywood Babylon Dublin’s Midnight Movie Film Club is dedicated to your favourite ‘disreputable’ movies. Roughly speaking - movies best seen late at night, in great company and with beer (or a bespoke, appropriately monikered cocktail). Featuring a pre-show of the weirdest clips and trailers from the depths of your VHS nightmares.

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Hollywood Babylon: Heat 35mm

(From 19th January 2019)

Hollywood Babylon: Roadhouse 35mm

(From 16th February 2019)

Hollywood Babylon: The Warriors 35mm

(From 16th March 2019)

Hollywood Babylon: Moonstruck / Mermaids Double Bill

(From 13th April 2019)

Hollywood Babylon: The Virgin Suicides 35mm

(From 18th May 2019)