Fantastic Mr Anderson

Dates: 1st February - 31st March 2018

We are huge fans of Wes Anderson here at Light House and we know you are too! So, for the month of March we are delighted to finally bring you a full retrospective of the films of Wes Anderson, finishing up with a massive Wes Anderson party on the opening night of his new film Isle of Dogs on 30th March. A filmmaker so famed for his idiosyncratic visual aesthetic that his storytelling prowess is sometimes overshadowed, but as a writer and a director, Wes Anderson’s films have a welcome balance of biting humour and generosity of spirit that make his work a joy to experience on the big screen.

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The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou 35mm

(From 21st March 2018)

Moonrise Kingdom

(From 24th March 2018)

The Grand Budapest Hotel: Prosecco and Patisserie

(From 24th March 2018)

Fantastic Mr Fox

(From 25th March 2018)

The Grand Budapest Hotel

(From 29th March 2018)